No more Toxic Village

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The hard-to-pleasers are asking your advice again
And wondering if they are thinking correctly about
The ways of the world
And if you have something to enlighten them with
Turn on the light and leave the door open.

The workaholics are at it again
The computer screen eyes in the dark of the room
Back and forth the hands move across keys
In an attempt to remember all the steps
That they learned at all those dance classes
Free at the museum Saturday afternoons.

The lonely women are moaning again
Looking for men in all the wrong places
They are not hiding under the desks
And those that are here are the workaholics
And they aren't interested in women's bodies
Women's brains, women's legs

The lost ones have wondered here again
Thinking that maybe
one of the books that live here
will have the map.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

pretty code

Unique Identifiers

I've been encoding EAD (encoded archival description- isn't that fancy?) and putting numbers to letters to letters to words and speaking like a computer screen how will it look on the computer screen and now I need to look up MARC headings and all that stuff and then more numbers and letters to words.

ah metaphors
double metaphors
a metaphor for a metaphor
that is what math is

all the mathematicians are going to give me dirty looks

and it is all about unique identifiers, a symbol/number/string of letters and numbers/code to link something to something else. giving something a nickname, a sketch of them and the uniqueness of them, a fingerprint

what is my identifier? my face/my name/ my eyes/my hair/my voice a combination of physicality and personality when you strip away the layers what you have left, the layers themselves the lack of layers?

a metaphor for metaphor's sake is still valid

Sunday, July 09, 2006

texas watermelon

Hot Hot Hot tin roof

early wake up Sunday and the sun was waiting for me to get up and out in it so it can leave it's mark on me, on my skin all red and ready

i cut up some watermelon from texas and Luke and I ate with our hands from the bowl all juicy

and now we are going to walk in the heat as far as we can i want to donate some clothes to the needy but it isn't a selfless act cause I am keeping all my special clothes, the ones that I love, it is only really giving if you want it for yourself. giving away the outdated is not a gift. well maybe a self induced gift of a more organized closet

philly is out racing in the streets with all the other hormone men in their racing outfits and helmets and vendor printing all up the sides

I am not dreading monday even though there are loads of laundry before then

Home. I remember climbing onto the roof from the upstairs bathroom window in the summer, annie suntanning up there in pretty underwear, me out there telling myself it isn't too high up and my feet are not going to burn themselves going to melt into the shingles