No more Toxic Village

Friday, December 15, 2006

in the park

in the park
there are pink balloons
tied to the naked bush
twig arms so skinny
balloons hold them up
with their helium
in the park
the homeless
the alcoholics
feed pigeons
that coo over leftovers
of stale bread
in the park
they tie pink balloons
of welcome

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the big people come through those doors big doors for big people

and they keep saying we're important we're important we are big and bigger and biggest

but no one knows why

other than the big people

but they are too big to use little words

and explain

we are supposed to know they are big because they are big

Monday, December 11, 2006

forever looped

he has been here forever, not forever, a week, two weeks all blend into the day and the night time the home and the away the sleep and the awake he close beside

he will go and i will stay and be diligent and practical and all things that grown ups do when they forget who they are forget the name without the title salary benefits top floor hierarchy assistants around the corner to make my coffee

i will stay and he will go and be diligent and practical and all things studious and good and wise and wisdom will come out of his fingers and his words will radiate with all good things halos and sunshine and he will have come upon something new and fresh and inspirational and all will be in awe of him his name his words the titles to his words

i have been here forever but not long enough to have the dent dented in