No more Toxic Village

Friday, July 25, 2008

I haven't even thought about this in years. Seriously. Years. I can't believe it even still exists. I find it a little sad that I've forgotten, that I am that fair weather. It was nice here for awhile. It was. It could be. If I can rediscover what I came here for and why I left. It can't be because I've run out of things to write about. If that ever happens, I will be a completely different me that you should really forget. Eek. Cringe. No, there had to have been something else. Some *event*? I hardly remember. It's a bit sad to think that if you don't write down the days it's so easy to misplace them. I've misplaced them, but I know I have them here somewhere just underneath, underneath my bed perhaps. I haven't looked under there in ages. Maybe if I promise to remember...maybe if I promise to remember what? What should I remember, why? Isn't this all just a fight against the temporary? Yes, perhaps. The Temporary. But here, see, still, this exists among the hundreds thousands millions (?) of others. This still exists and so do I.