No more Toxic Village

Saturday, June 17, 2006

these are Luke flowers


where do i get my inspiration? from someone else's pictures of being out and about and taking images to remember that they were there and then share them with others/strangers so that they and their motivation are envied cause i'm sitting here-peach juice- sweating in the 30C.

and there are no excuses thank you Oprah and her disabled enabled guest home early from work to experience it so what do i have to complain about but vacuuming and no apples in the fridge? yet i have a vacuum and apples aren't far away cause i've got money in my pocket. and i've got love inside phones away buses away. love inside. that's what i need to focus on. love it.

and comfort zones are just that comfortable but so are the ruts that you wear in the ground in the sofa cause then you don't have to work too hard to get into the groove. the groove, the hip, the indentations.

jane and i are going to explore the world aren't we and luke and i are going to try to tackle this city and the map and streets that criss cross over it and under it take new buses/new pictures/new signs/new sights/new people walking neighborhoods. and i'm gonna paint cause yesterday i bought a painting from the church yard sale (yellow flowers) and its pretty but maybe i could do prettier? paint under my nails feels good and clean.

Monday, June 12, 2006

past me


new job new clothes new pretty girlie sandles on my feet

tomorrow there will be
new hair new face new smile new outlook?

new cabinet new bond new sweat new organization?

scrub away the old skin for the baby new