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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


yesterday, home early from work and needing to be quiet and relax and turn off my brain for awhile i turned on the tv to find dr phil talking to an exorcist while a barrage of possessed people flickered in the background. and the rev/dr/psychoanalyst talked candidly about the devil, evil spirits, demons and how you can spot them looking back and you out of the eyes of their victims, windows to the soul all dirty. and he talked about how his work, ridding people of the evil within them with loud words and a bible is a companion to mental health workers, to medicine, to therapy. and i wonder how can any of us do without him then, how can any of us stand before him completely pure, completely clean, windows smudge free? and how can any of us determine what are spirits, whether or not "negative energy" is in fact spirits revenging spirits, the bad one taking hold?

the bad one implies that there is a good one, a good one that is stronger but still so susceptible to these dark things, these rain clouds that can take over, that can cover and hide and wound so deeply so neatly that only the eyes can see.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger lucio de capio de luci said...

the reverend carlton pearson tells the story of fighting with his wife (see the this american life episode "heretics").

carlton to his wife: satan i rebuke you
his wife to carlton: satan i rebuke you

all in good humor, i suppose


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